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Read stories from around the world. There are tons of people who are participating in this movement and making sure they leave their mark. 

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We are encouraging our story writers by offering prizes worth £1000. We plan to conclude this contest on 31st Dec 2020. 


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My quarantine 101

When countries did lockdown and mandatory quarantine, many people complained about the lockdown. They were just waiting for ...
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Locked in

The winds sway against his will, storming through the four walls as he climbs, persistently. His tender wings ...
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The lonely birthday

It started on the 23rd of march, the lockdown in the uk. My birthday was on the 29th ...
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Lockdown – A story to tell- all my life.

Today is the lockdown 3.0 and it may embark on the next phase of Lockdown 4.0. When I ...
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Breakdown of the Lockdown

For a long time, I yearned for a ‘break’. What break exactly? A momentary relief to be precise ...
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#weareNOTinthistogether Ever since the lock down was declared people took to social media to spread awareness and positivity ...
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My experience during Lock-down

With our busy work schedule, we hardly get time to stay at home or spend some quality time ...
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Engineer’s Version: How Covid-19 Lockdown became a Blessing in Disguise

History has seen a large number of disease outbreaks that have directly ravaged the human community, and changed ...
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Lockdown – It has been a blessing in disguise

The coronavirus pandemic has enforced lockdown all over the world. India is no different. India is staring at ...
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It’s not always about what YOU plan!

“There’s no where you can be that isn’t where you are meant to be.” The year 2020 was ...
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How Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Rural Life?

The entire globe is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is taking over the world by leap and ...
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Humans In, Wildlife Out

From inside my living room in Mumbai, Maharashtra, I can feel the rumbling world around me growing quieter. ...
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I am a science teacher, who believes in scientific principles. I am a nature lover, who believes in ...
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The best part of the lockdown

Lockdown is a word which most of us had never heard off till the coronavirus pandemic forced the ...
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From the Diary of a Teenage Girl: A Trip to Remember

My lock down experience is nothing less than an adventure like a roller coaster ride.  The adventure is ...
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When She Hugged Me After Ages!

The start of my morning has been the same for the last five months. Its always something past ...
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Keeping the tempo high during lockdown

"Once, Lord Indra got upset with farmers; he announced there will be no rain for 12 years & ...
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Let Not Your Soul Be Knocked Down In The Era Of Lockdown

All thanks to the outbreak of Covid19, all of us around the globe are locked down inside our ...
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Living Through History

It was ten o clock on a Thursday night; I was laying in bed and talking to a ...
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Lockdown: Let The Party Begin!

Past two months have been really harsh on mankind. Coronavirus or Covid-19, no matter what name you take, ...
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Cleaning, Cooking, Family and Feelings

Never in my life did I think that there would come a time like this in my life, ...
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The Chronicle of Lock down

More or less it is quite difficult to fathom the quality of our life which is changed since ...
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Lockdown Journey Through The Lens of a Selectively Social Person

It was on March 26th India announced there would be 21 days lockdown. I was downhearted like everyone ...
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When My Son Found Light In The Darkness

I'm a working woman and never liked the notion of staying at home. I always loved multi-tasking and ...
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My Grandfather’s Third Key Of Happiness

My eighty-five years old grandfather is very fond of going on rides on his scooter. For the twenty ...
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A Lockdown Story Of The Shared Meal

Life is too short to keep worrying about things that are not in our control. Perhaps, that is ...
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Beyond The Lockdown – A Tale Of Two Hearts

It's 11 at night. The presentation finally gets over. My boss is still there hiding behind his moon-shaped ...
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Aadi Story

Lockdown 1.0 was full of fun

The first lockdown, also known as Lockdown 1.0 in India started on 25th March 2020. We are in ...
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COVID-19 lockdown – Is the glass half empty?

The day lockdown was announced in India on 25th March 2020. I was not expecting much of a ...
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Lockdown – It forced me to seek counselling for the first time in my life

All was going well in my life until this lockdown happened. I was moving to a better-paid job ...
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A Planet in almost total lockdown

I remember the days leading up to the lockdown, when Covid 19  appeared to be something that was ...
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Then and now..

Hi, I am Jack, 33 years old software engineer in the UK. Recently, I got to know about ...
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The History of history

I never liked the idea of History I never liked the idea of history, even from my childhood ...
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My Lockdown Story

The year 2020 has come along with tons of bad news. Whether it be the Australian bushfire or ...
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The Friend I abandoned

“21 days’ lockdown? How are we gonna feed them?” I asked in a worried tone to my mother. ...
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Hope in the time of Corona

"The only thing that will keep us alive in this pandemic is hope.. and a little kindness"-Ritesh Shergill ...
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Corona Pandemic

Pandemic SOS! A Stoic’s Handbook of Survival.

A month and a half of staying at home, I have started all my mornings on the same ...
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My Situation Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

It was a normal day in Mumbai. There was no single sign of a cloud in the sky. ...
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Time Capsule

We plan to create a time capsule and bury it deep into the ocean so that after hundreds of years, it can be opened and read.  

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