About the idea

The Idea

The idea behind Lockdown history is to capture the events and stories which are happening around the world due to this pandemic situation from a personal perspective. We have created this platform so that individuals like us can write our stories so that future generations can read them and remember us.

Time capsule

Once we have collected enough stories, we plan to create a time capsule and bury it deep within the ocean with all the instructions on how to read and understand it. We do however welcome all your suggestion concerning the time capsule, and if you feel that there may be a better way then please let us know.
The closing date for this competition is 31st December 2020.


Our Thought Process

“This is our chance of writing our version of history, let's write it together in our words”

– Sachin Diwakar, Founder of Lockdown History


“We wanted to create a platform where all the people across the World in lockdown can share their real-life stories and experiences during these unprecedented times ”

– Steve Jarman, MD, LYB

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