Breakdown of the Lockdown

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For a long time, I yearned for a ‘break’. What break exactly?

A momentary relief to be precise (if not a vacation) from the hustle and bustle prevailing in my dull and drab life, professional that is! Not that I wanted to do away with a job that’s enough to suffice my living; but I simply needed a BREAK.

Before you start making random assumptions about which sector do I work for that propels me to go on a complaining spree, it’s what is known as a ‘noble’ profession. Well, frankly speaking… it used to be actually at sometime, but no more. Till of course wealthy business houses unveiled stupendous architectural marvels and rich clients with their offspring who rained down crisp currency notes- were meant to be worshipped by all and sundry. It’s an age where failing to incorporate smarts and synchronizing oneself with the ‘smart’ culture is akin to a massive fail, a complete disaster. And that’s exactly how education has gained momentum, in a new light of course!

Haven’t we often heard of people who simply longed for jobs that would bless them with a 6 month off period twice a year? In the practical world, it doesn’t exist. And now when it’s (almost) happening, we seem to be disgruntled at the sudden stop that life has thrown at us. The world will never be the same again, and sadly, even after this unthinkable state of life that we are reduced to, there will be no so called signs of improvement. Doesn’t that evoke some sense yet? Aren’t those pictures of the clear pristine skies, the fresh breathable air and an ecological balance where man would reside along with the lesser intelligent species proofs enough to showcase how we have misused our resources already? Maybe, it isn’t. No wonder you see the influx of tech-based sessions and webinars overwhelming your lives more than delving into the real issues. Well, of course these are great, but maybe, when exercised and practiced in limits. And as you know, data is priced bare minimum!

The recluse that I am, this life isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. But when it all started, I firmly opine no one was more elated than me. After all, I got that much deserved BREAK without having to forsake my job! And talking about vacations, well that does happen at times for a globetrotter like me, who might simply shirk at the thought of not gifting myself venues and destinations to explore. Trust me when I say this, your travel plans going awry can strike you harder than you can possibly imagine.

There is tremendous mayhem and madness already. People can’t go out to make a living anymore. After all, lady luck hasn’t shined in every household yet. News of someone’s dear ones, kith and kin becoming dear to the Lord is the new normal we have to embrace on a daily scale. And in case it isn’t the pandemic that’s directly ruining lives, then surely- the livelihoods.

A sharp departure from the age old typewriting company or the beer brand, CORONA is the next door neighbour at present. For those who didn’t know what Nature’s wrath feels like- a miniscule virus demonstrated aptly how well-made plans almost on the brink of execution can go awry, and life totally haywire.

Being inundated with facts, figures, charts, particulars is the current norm and flavour of the information revolution truly (‘infodemic’- in case you didn’t follow up with the WHO lately). The run to prove one’s mettle in the rat race hasn’t stopped a bit. But who cares? We learnt a lot! You don’t believe me? My e-certificates bear testimony to that. So let’s rejoice, right? But whatever forms the takeaway from a pandemic as mighty as this, do we carry any proof of the same? No…

It’s been long really. I practically detest the idea of making myself head towards the old workplace truly. While there’s no doubt I got my much deserved BREAK (if not pay hikes!), but this is not even close to what I dreamt of… definitely not at the cost of lives lost, economy shattered, dreams stolen; all of which that caused a breakdown and crushed us into zillion pieces.


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