Lockdown 1.0 was full of fun

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The first lockdown, also known as Lockdown 1.0 in India started on 25th March 2020. We are in mid- May but the situation is getting worst then before. Corona infected cases are on the rise and the death toll is increasing in India. As far as I can see, there is no relief in the coming 2 months. In fact, the situation is getting more serious.

Because of coronavirus I and my family had to go self-quarantine, better to say we went into self-isolation. During the initial days, I was happy and enjoyed my time. Let’s check out how I spend my initial lockdown days.

I used to wake up at 8:30 am. Then it was time to help my mom in her daily chores. It was fun and a good learning process. I learnt how to keep my house spick and span. Then it was my breakfast time at 10:30 am. At noon I played my favourite game FORTNITE. I am a big fan of this game and I can spend the whole day, subject to the condition my parents allow me to do so….hahaha. From 1:30 to 2:30, I watched horror and funny videos with my sister. We had our timings of watching Television as this was the best ways to avoid our fights over TV. In between, I do practice my football shoots by hitting it against the wall. The best part was I was allowed to play cricket at home with my dad. My dad is awesome as he downloaded movies for us. Me, my sister and my mom watched the movie. Nothing is complete without tasty food. Therefore, after watching movies I ate my dinner. With lots of chit-chat over thousands of things, I went to sleep. 

and one day something awful happened

I was enjoying my lockdown period to the fullest but one day something awful happened. Our online classes started at 9:00 am till 12 O’clock. And all my fun was compromised. My routine changed so drastically that I missed my old days. Soon I got adjusted to my new routine. Although I was happy that I have started studies for my new class, at the same time I wanted to go back to my old regime. Gone were the days when I used to play my Fortnite as much as I can.

There are two things I like about the Lockdown and one thing I hate about it. The things I liked were: 

  1. I got plenty of free time as now I get 14 hours free excluding sleeping hours and the 
  2. The second thing is that I got a lot of family time plus TV time. 

The things I hated about this Lockdown was I missed my fun and playing time with my friends because I used to play 8 hours of cricket with my friends on holidays. I think that normal life was better than the quantized one. 

But if anything is important that is health especially now. I am very angry with the guy who created coronavirus. Nobody could find how COVID-19 spread around the world. 195 countries are infected and affected by COVID-19. Corona has ruined the lives of people who were living their lives happily. 

I will give only one advice to everyone that please do not go out of your homes if it is not necessary. It is not only important for you but your family also.

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