Lockdown – A story to tell- all my life.

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Today is the lockdown 3.0 and it may embark on the next phase of Lockdown 4.0. When I look back on the day we start locking ourselves out, the day we go aboard a strange journey into isolation, and the day we see ourselves staying indoors for an unforeseeable future. Separation became new and, in all sorts, an acceptable norm now. And it is here to stay with us for some time.

Ray of hopeFor me personally my husband at a different location and no way to get back home was something that took time to adapt too. Also managing the emotional outbreak of every member until it sinks into time. Honestly, I feel a lot has changed for all of us in our own way. At times what we thought was a major issue to deal with did not matter at all. Technology has given us options to communicate we also said we can either facetime or a call. But that is adapting to circumstances.

Lockdown has taught me many things personally. The way kids and adults react or adapt. I feel more than anyone the kids are the most affected in this situation. The time to play at a playground has been replaced being indoor. Most families have seen an increase in tantrums with the tiny tots which soon disappeared when it all became family time to play together. I have personally seen the screen time with my child went down drastically as playing with the family was more enjoyable. It is not my personal problem. But everyone’s and we all are in this together.

This also brought in a lot of positives and also the grey side of things that we thought never existed. A plan for a tomorrow which is so unclear. But to live the life that we have now and to adapt to a lot of things. Our lives have certainly changed forever with social distancing, Lockdown, and many other changes. But this change is here to stay and it is staring at all of us. It also reminds us that some things are never or beyond our control.

The definition of freedom as we perceive has changed and we have learned to appreciate folks who silently are working during this crucial time. While we stay indoors. It has also made us realize the health of oneself and the family is at most priority. Eating with the family and sharing time and playing indoors has become a norm. We also have seen technology has slowly paved way into our lives, for Remote learning and working during lockdown which has become a socially acceptable norm for all of us.

Life goes on, no matter what. There is Hope at the end of this tunnel and families apart will reunite. But this process requires a lot of courage and determination. Lockdown might be ruthless, but we are in this together and we all will emerge victoriously. Our generation will remember this all their life.

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