My experience during Lock-down

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With our busy work schedule, we hardly get time to stay at home or spend some quality time with our families. We could spend time with families or have leisure time only on weekends and end up with having Monday blues. But this lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic has taught us a lot of things and has given us a unique experience of staying at home.
Today, I am sharing my experience amid COVID 19 homebound. It was Sunday, March 22, when lockdown 1.0 was announced for the first time for 21 days. Luckily, I was in my home town that day. The very first thing that came to my mind was how to keep my family and myself healthy. Immediately, I gathered all the food stock and necessary medicines to be used during this lockdown period with the hope that the virus will come in control and we will be back to our normal life after 21 days. But neither the pandemic was getting in control nor the lockdown was getting ended.
But with all the thoughts in my mind, I took this time in a positive way, because outside there was a risk of getting infected from COVID 19 Virus. I spent this time reading different articles of my interest that I was not able to give time to in my daily life. An hour of work-out became a part of my daily routine. Now I had unlimited time to spend with my family. Healthy eating was another pro of this lockdown period and I realized that we can live without junk food or fast food. I was able to get time for my hobbies. My sleeping routine got disturbed a bit during this period, which is the only bad thing that I experienced in this homebound time but that is fine as it can be changed later when we will be back to our normal routine.
But above all these things, there was frustration in people’s minds as businesses were not working for the time being. Even at my own home, my brothers and father were tensed as they are also businessmen and they were free at home. But of course, government support and relaxations in the lockdown, proved a little helpful. Now with lockdown 3.0, life is getting back to the normal routine and we have realized that living with COVID 19 is the new normal life we will have in the future till the injection for it is invented. Mask and hand sanitizer became part of our life. Being hygienic, wash everything we bring from the market, wash hands thoroughly after getting back home has become our new normal lifestyle.
Overall, this lockdown period was a great experience for me with many learning. I realized how a person feels while locked inside own house. But support from each other in the family and being positive were two strong things that helped me going through this lockdown.

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