The History of history

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I never liked the idea of History

I never liked the idea of history, even from my childhood years, I hated history (as a subject) so much, I can’t even tell you. I always thought why should I remember those who died when etc etc.  I always thought,  what is the point of teaching what has already happened. Then one beautiful day, my mother told me that the reason that we learn history is so that we can learn from the past and also to acknowledge those individuals and natural happenings that had an influence on the World such as certain events, discoveries, human tragedies, inventions, political landmarks and much much more. We at Lockdown History are sure that the COVID 19 Global lockdown will inevitably become ingrained in our history books of tomorrow.

Now, that was a good thought for me. I started taking some interest in Indian history. After a time, I realised that we had not kept our history (heritage) very well. I started losing interest in this subject, and finally, I stopped reading about it. Then I had a chance to learn a bit of British history. To my utter surprise, I thought this is not what we were told in our Indian history. I started hating history even more. My thoughts are becoming more robust and stronger.

History is told to us the way they wanted us to remember it for their long term benefits. Millions of soldiers died in WW2, but the history remembers hand full of them. Why?

Today, we are facing a threat which this world has never seen before, and I am hoping not to see it again. This pandemic situation is going to be in the history of the human race for many years to come. I wanted to create an original version of the history which will be told by us only not by others. So that my children, my grand or even my great-grandchildren, can read my version of the past in my own words.

Now I have my thoughts; history remembers those who want them to be remembered.


With this thought, I created this platform with the help of some excellent people, great friends like Steve, Yatika & Chitrika, and we want you to write your personal version of the Covid 19 Lockdown history today. We plan to create a time capsule of all the stores which we gather, and we will bury that somewhere deep into the ocean.

Here at Lockdown History, you are free to write what you think should be captured in your story. It may be your experience, joy, sorrow, remembrance or even your new hobby. We want to capture your feelings and emotions for all those people in the future to read. So, write from your heart let the world know your story of Lockdown today, become part of history and in your own words tell your story which they will remember forever.

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