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I am a science teacher, who believes in scientific principles.

I am a nature lover, who believes in the power of natural forces.

I am a theist, who believes in the power of God.

Therefore I perceive the things by three different angles: scientific, environmental and spiritual. The COVID-19 pandemic is also visualised under these three aspects. The scientific studies on COVID-19 suggest that it is a virus with some unusual genetic makeup that is capable of sweeping human population at high rate. The environmental aspect suggest that nature has its own feedback control mechanism to establish balance between human population and natural resources.COVID-19 is actually a boon to nature.It has a healing action on the earth. There is control over air, water and land pollution, there is minimization of utilization of certain natural resources and there is human population check. The spiritual aspect allow us to discover ourselves as it   questions 1400cc cranial capacity of human brain to find out the solution to the chain reaction initiated by COVID -19.The humans so called as supreme living beings who are trying to visit Mars in near future…got stuck with solution to the problem and found the whole humanity in the danger ….and now remembering God to give some solution.

When I carried out brainstorming on this topic, I come out with the view that COVID  is an alarm and asking for the commitment from humans;

Commitment to keep the environment pollution free

Commitment to use the resources in a sustainable way

Commitment to re-establish core values of humanity

Commitment to discover self

Commitment to create less pressure on earth

Commitment to be kind to all the living beings on this earth

Commitment to spend quality of time with your near and dear ones

Commitment to maintain good health

During lockdown time your hidden kindness bursts out and you began to thank the WARRIORS of COVID 19.this is a kind of awakening.

Being Hindu, I deeply believe in Indian mythology and the Hindu scriptures. According to which Lord Vishnu is considered as PRESERVOR of the life on earth and he incarnated on earth in different forms called AVTAAR time to time to re-establish the deteriorated balance on the earth. The most famous form AVTAAR are prayed as Lord RAMA and Lord Krishna.It is believed that in the present age of time so called as KALIYUGA,Lord Vishnu will be incarnated in the form of Kalki Avatar….But how He will establish the highly disturbed balance on earth is not known to anyone. After a long time thinking I created a painting on Kalki Avtaar of lord Vishnu and expressed my views on the same.

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Kalki Avtaar

Lord Vishnu is preserver of this earth. He rests in sheer sagar in a calmly and fearlessly  even in adverse situations. His face glows like sun because he possesses the supreme Wisdom. Sheshanaga is found to be mutually associated with him .His four hands holds different elements that represent different aspects of life. The lotus tells about purity, harmony and self-realization, the Gada represents knowledge and power, the Sankh produces the sound Om which is the sound of the universe and the Chakra regulates the cosmic energy by   destroying evil and rebuilding the righteousness.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu was incarnated on earth in different life forms time to time, to protect humanity and its core values.

In today’s scenario, the ethics are uprooted and the humanity is at the verge of extinction. Not only this, the ecological balance is highly disturbed, the resources on earth are almost depleted. It is expected that kalyugi Avatar of lord Vishnu;KALKI will appear soon which will  re-establish and introduce all corrections to this planet.

What do you think?

To rehabilitate the humanity and to recreate the balance on earth the core values are required such as ;love, peace, justice, kindness, mindfulness, gratitude etc..

The fifth hand in the painting depicts release of these powers from lord Vishnu.

GOD IS PRESENT WITHIN US, we need to awaken him within us. The lotus within us needs to bloom. We have transformed the knowledge and power to technology which can be used as tool for correction. The chakra within us converts our thoughts to action. If we become the awaken human, humanity flows out of us and this new version of ourselves, is actually Kalki Avtar. Just think over it

I found lockdown as a healing time of my life as it has provided enough time to re discover self and learn the thing which otherwise were seem impossible due to busy schedule. I learnt Art therapy, Crystal therapy and Reiki and read lot about Indian mythology. Well, this was the time to spend with the family members and talking to old friends and refresh the memories. I identified a great healer inside me and found myself to be the better version of myself. This  gives me power to  stand against the power of fear and strengthen the bond between me and if you believe in God you will find your own path to walk….the things will pass by you keeping yourself unaffected……that is what we all are looking for.

Dr.Rashmi Prabha

13th May 2020

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