Let Not Your Soul Be Knocked Down In The Era Of Lockdown

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All thanks to the outbreak of Covid19, all of us around the globe are locked down inside our dwellings. While most of us might still be working as engaged in essential chores, or from home as part of our duty, but the rest find it rather challenging to be imposed by such sudden restrictions. It might not be a war, but it is no less than a fight either. On both grounds, people are facing trouble. Either it is the virus that is killing them, or if not the deadly combination of illness, heat and starvation is genuinely doing its bit. Amidst all this, the world, on the other part, as a whole, is crushed to the ground on its economy. Seemingly buried under all these havocs, nations and industries are trying to rule out the best way out of a predictable recession in the offing. Now and then, you can hear a new story of someone who has lost their job. Media reports are teeming with big companies, both the public and private sectors, who are facing a considerable business hit and therefore cutting down the pay of their employees. On the one hand, even though an individual would want to give their best into their jobs, they are confined within the four walls as per the guidelines. And on the other, the employers do understand the issues their staff would face in such tough times, but cannot be of any help because of the sliding financial resources.

At such times, it is quite likely that people, like you and me, would lose their cool and would want to break the barriers and step out of safety. On the contrary, if we try to keep our heads secure and wait for the pandemic to die down, we can reduce the possibility of our country going into a workforce loss, which is much costlier than the commercial damages. After all, the adage goes right: Health is Wealth.

With more reasons to fret over than to be happy, you may find it quite challenging to stay composed during the whole crisis. However, whatever the situation be, how you react to it is that what is more important than the problem itself. The idea is to perceive the glass half full than half empty.  

The lockdown for most of us is analogous to a house arrest, and on the face of it, it is seemingly accurate. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you what my friends and I did during this period to calm our nerves and believe that one beautiful morning everything is going to be okay. Until then, we sought to make the best use of the present time.  

First and foremost, I made a long list of my friends and family whom I thought to contact to enquire about their safety. Either a call or a message through text and various social media handles helped me achieve this goal. Now, when I set out on a mission, I make sure that it doesn’t go fruitless. Instead, I devote several minutes so that each of them gets an equal amount of the priceless gift I give them, that is, my time. It is not just hi-bye that happens, but a conversation cut across the diverse news of the old and the recent, ranging to the activities they are indulging in, to how their connections are managing against all the odds. More extensively, my pals and I try the group video chats to help us see each other better, even under restrictions, all thanks to the social networking sites. After the brief chit-chat, we exchange what movies we should binge-watch together, or what memberships should be of benefit now to relax down our mood. There is no limit to the stories we share about how we did not get knocked down during the lockdown. Most of all, with each friend, I share a different story and hence, if somebody confronts me saying that I would have been bored by being stuck, I come up with avant-garde excuses to make.  

If not for the conversations, I stick my head into a book, so that I can scale up with a novel set of vocabulary after all this ends. Old habits die hard, they say. And if opening up a book and sleep do not co-occur in my case, then it is a miracle. Unfortunately, the desires of the heart tend to be stronger than what the body demands. To fight off this untimely catnap, I put on the earplugs and listen to pop music to arouse my mind. Apart from music, some mind games too worked good in my case. It immediately evades the sleep and saves me from insomnia at night.

The other day my buddy shared with me she takes on meditation classes. Well, that sounded cool enough, as such things divert our mind from all the anxious thoughts and build up a positive spirit within us. The fact that I started yoga and cardio to fight off the fat swelling up in my tissues is in no way wrong. What’s more, it is not just helping me shed off my extra kilos, but also altering my swinging moods in the right direction.  

Laughter therapy, Music therapy, Sound therapy, Aromatherapy, Water therapy, Talk therapy are all the noteworthy medication that we can hit out in the privacy of our rooms. It would cut down on our medical or gymnasium costs, and aid us to activate the hidden talents within us.

History never ceases to surprise us. One day we all will become a history, including this Covid19 pandemic. So, it is much better if we seize the moment and appreciate the good in the present second. Admittedly, we are all going to laugh and recite stories of how our fellow country mates and we overcame this hurdle. Why not try to make it exciting and inspirational in place of a dull and low one. So, what is your story? Be sure to make it pleasing to the eyes and ears.

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