Lockdown – It has been a blessing in disguise

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The coronavirus pandemic has enforced lockdown all over the world. India is no different. India is staring at lockdown 4.0 as cases of coronavirus continue to rise. People are cursing the lockdown as they cannot live a normal life, meet friends and socialise.

But there have been various positives of this lockdown. If you have a positive bent of mind, you can count the blessings of this lockdown on family, environment, health and mental well-being.


The world is less polluted now. Thanks to the lockdown, very few vehicles ply on the road, bringing down pollution by a big margin. There’s fresh air to breathe at any time of the day. The lockdown makes the morning so beautiful – there is a chill in the air, the sky is clear, the sun rises with all the beautiful hues on the horizon. It makes for pleasant viewing. The rivers, lakes, and other water-bodies are less polluted now as no industrial waste flows into it thanks to the lockdown. The climate is moderate, a rare thing in May. The environment is self-correcting itself thanks to the lockdown.


Before lockdown, family time was rare and restricted to movies and restaurants. The rush to earn a living does not give time to live a life as a family before lockdown. But now, every day is family time, every meal is shared with the family, every moment is shared with the family. And thanks to the lockdown, this family time is worth it and would not be available for long. So, it is better to make the most of it.


Earlier, dining out was extremely common, especially when both the partners were working. But this lockdown has enabled more home-made, hygienic food that was rare in life before lockdown. Men are trying their hand at cooking and stirring up delicious dishes. Men are sharing the household chores with their wives, and there is equality, at least, in this respect. The lockdown has made men realise the hard work wives used to do to maintain the house, and they are sharing the workload happily.


Lockdown has a positive impact on the health of working couples. There is no more junk food available to consume. Besides, the need to walk, exercise, and do yoga could not be more important than now when one is restricted to freely move in the town. People are walking in the terrace or basement regularly, doing yoga in free time, and maintaining their health which was not possible in the hectic life before lockdown.


People have realised the need to upgrade oneself or they would become obsolete and lose their jobs. Hence, people are trying various online courses to keep abreast with the competition. This will pave the way for a better career and future once the lockdown gets over.

Lockdown has not only helped curb the spread of the virus, but it has also been beneficial in maintaining family life, something that was not prioritised before the pandemic happened.

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