Lockdown: Let The Party Begin!

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Past two months have been really harsh on mankind. Coronavirus or Covid-19, no matter what name you take, they are enough to give rise to a wave of fear, anxiety, and apprehensions among humans. This tiny miny virus has done something which no one could ever do since past so many ages! Confined humans in their houses and given a free world to wildlife to roam around! In fact, I as a human can get an inkling into what animals must be thinking when we imprison them into cages. Believe me! When Indian Prime Minister declared the start of lockdown, the first thought that came across my mind was ‘Are we getting punished by Mother Earth for being really naughty kids’?

Let The Story Begin!

Well, the lockdown started and we were confined in the four walls of our homes. Now, we women have an extra antenna that starts working on special terms in such kinds of difficult situations. Being a mother and a daughter-in-law, my first thought was, are we equipped properly? Are we possessing everything which will enable us to sustain without contacting the outer world? On the other hand, my daughter wanted to know whether we were having all the ingredients to bake a cake at home or not! Irony of being a mother!

On the first day of the lockdown, the journey started with a fresh mind, positivity, and a desire to get through the struggle smoothly. Though there was a hitch about the additional household work which came to my share as the maids were not allowed. Well, on the first day, I started the work early in the morning with a motive to complete my household cleaning within time. But! I was amazed when I saw that it took me 3 hours to do the same! When the maid used to complete the work in 2 hours total. Where was the glitch? Was she being a lazy ass or I was being a slow turtle? Well, being a dedicated Indian homemaker, how can I let the Indian maid win? She must be ignoring the work and that is why it was taking much less time. But believe me, after a week, I realized that the maid was doing a fabulous job! And moreover, you should always buy a house which you can clean easily! So, I am eagerly waiting for her to come back when the lockdown finishes! A maid is definitely the goddess of cleaning for the middle class!

Well, The Journey Continues!

Well, let us drive our car of lockdown further and move on to the other aspects of the lockdown. When the lockdown started, our family thought of making a family routine. Our routine expectations were getting up early with the rising sun, exercising together to start a fit day, sitting down together to read, study, and work. Well, the reality was a deep contrast. We got up late as we were watching a late night movie. Then started the struggle of household work. When on one hand, we had decided that each member would lend me a helping hand, when the actual time came, all of them simply disappeared! And that too within the confines of our house! 

The Route To Kitchen Reduces!

Another aspect of lockdown which greatly impacted my life was the route to the kitchen. With the kids being confined at home, their desires to eat junk food increased. It was just like wanting to visit a museum, when you know there is a curfew imposed outside. Well, again, my mother’s instincts got better of me and I took a resolve to cater to all the food tantrums of my kiddos. Now, I am happy to share that after much scoldings, frustrated sessions in the kitchen, and many failed attempts, my kids have stopped asking for anything amusing!

Now, they are thankful for all the normal dishes that I prepare and do not wish for any fancy food items. Oh! I love my kids and their perseverance!

Online Classes! My Stint With The School

Online classes! Blessing or bane? My kids’ schools started online classes to not let the kids waste their time and remain on the path of learning. A noble thought! But not ith my routine. With my plate full of my freelance work, household work, cook duties, grocery shopping, these online classes were the last nail in the coffin! If you do not sit with them during the classes, they lose their interest really soon. And if you do, half of the day is simply gone!

Well, the lockdown was an impulsive and necessary step taken by our government. But, we humans always have the potential to pinpoint mistakes even in the steps taken for our interest. We start having problems with everything. Maybe this is the reason why Mother nature planned to give us a good scolding with really tough times. On an Earth which was meant for humans, animals, plants, we selfishly tried to rule everything and everyone. Even, we did not hesitate to make the wildlife a delicious treat on our dinner plates. But this lockdown and pandemic has taught us a lesson well needed. It has taught us to be patient, enjoy with less resources, spend less, and help the needy. Hope, we maintain our learnings and do not forget the lesson easily. After all, we humans have a very short memory and we tend to forgo things easily when the situation improves. Hope the normal times are back with a satisfied human generation. 

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