The Chronicle of Lock down

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More or less it is quite difficult to fathom the quality of our life which is changed since the outset of pandemic Coronavirus. In the chorus, it has made us experience irritation, melancholy and incredulity, and angst. The disease enfolded people across the globe into a dreamlike situation. 

Since Janata Curfew March 24, 2020, the tenor of our everyday life has dimmed. The outbreak of Coronavirus bound us to go through some unprecedented incidents. Just staying inside the home due to the lockdown is traumatic for many of us as it was quite eccentric and we were not used to such things. Still, eventually, we all understood the need of the hour and the theory of social distancing and isolation to fight against the dreadful virus. 

Many of us indeed bestowed loads of philosophies against it, still, we are the blessed ones especially me who had the roof of security, food, and a hygienic environment. At the same time, many lives did not even know anything about the disease and a way to arrange the basic needs. Things were quite strenuous for me as well at the beginning but I had the privilege of a supportive family, friends, and considerate workplace.

Signing up the Day 

I usually sign up the day around 7 AM followed by some inner peace sessions to rejuvenate my body and mind and start the day with a positive mind. The morning ensues with a warm cup of tea and some analysis on the outcomes of the virus and a healthy discussion on the approach of the government with my kin. I know it may not have any effect on the government tactics, still, it urges me to debate.

Being professional

Associated with a travel organization, these days there are not so many words, still, I have to update travel blogs, write safety measures to handle the consequences of the pandemic and few calls to handle. For this reason, I usually get a healthy time to count the future and the ways to handle it in case of any misfortunes in the coming days.

Furthermore, I have to be in touch with my manager and discuss plans so that we can find an alternate way as the future of the tourism industry does not have complete visibility. It’s quite tough to allure travelers for planning a trip in the coming times. Things are quite daunting for me also, as I do not know when the curtain will go down and everything will come into place. I too have a fear of losing my job, but as of now I can’t anticipate anything and I have to go with the flow. 

Mending the bonds 

The virus has taken us to a periphery where it is quite unable to visit your relatives and friends even though they stay in the vicinity. Every time there is a fear of contamination and strict regulation of local administration as well as police. Hence the best way to prosper the relation and enhancing a delightful bonding is through phone calls and video chat. During this lockdown, the essence of a video calls in on the height. 

My relatives all across the place spend infinite hours with my parents, even with me, and shows a great caring. This thing makes me feel quite overwhelming. With the passing of days, I have even forgotten the pleasure of talking to the moon and back over a few cups of coffee or a few drinks. These feelings are more intimate and genial as compared to a formal tête-à-tête. I think not only me, but most of us feel the same way. running after the chorus, professionalism, and assets we had distracted from the core values of our life. However, the lockdown has imparted us some priceless endowments.   

It’s not a dinner but a delightful affair with family 

Being a professional and staying in the urbanites a fine dine implies a get-together with buddies or co-workers in a lavish restaurant. I was used to such things, but in all honesty dining with my family during this lockdown exhibited an enchanting picture. Listening to some heart-wrenching experiences to humorous anecdotes are truly worthwhile. 

Even though I have lots of anxieties and pressures regarding the fall out of the virus across the globe, my job and financial security still being with them, having those morning and evening tea, gulping down my favorite dishes help me erase those things from my mind. 

Trying to be an affable father 

The icing on the cake is my princess, my two years old daughter. She is the essence of our strength and happiness during this horrible period. Her endearing smile, those little fingers on my face, and unfamiliar dialects makes me feel ecstasy. I am also learning to be an affable father who can watch her every step and spend lots of time during this lockdown.   

In the end, I can say I am quite thankful for the almighty as I have the privilege to feed myself and my family, look after them which many people in my country are longing for. Till now the crisis has not hit me with the worst, still, you never know the forthcoming. Moreover, I know reality hot you hard, so I am preparing myself to face the most awful scenarios. 

On the other hand, I have lots of concerns for those people who are hungry, unable to get a proper place to look after their children, and most importantly those who are influenced by the virus. In my capacity, I am helping the penurious and feeding them irrespective of the species. 

I know spending such times is incomparable and I don’t know when can get such privilege again still I want these things to end soon, and want all of us to go through it efficiently without losing many lives.  

Whoever is in such state of affairs remember one day we will step-into the chaotic domain again, this dream-like existence will fade-up and resume our lives with full acceleration. Hence keep these things as memories and enjoy the songs of the birds in a calm environment, show your affection to the animals, and do contributions in your capacity.

Many people entreat to the almighty to spare them from unexpected dilemmas and some entreat to make them strong to rise over it. It’s upon you to choose.  

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